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My name is Ashley, I consider myself first and foremost an artist muse. Modeling has allowed me to express power, beauty, strength, literally an endless list of raw human emotions. I’m a down to earth girl at heart, for me it’s where I feel myself the most free and liberated.

Over the years my work as a model has consisted of runway, fashion, commercial , and an extensive glamour modeling career. I was the first ever Playboy’s Miss Social of the Year, have been featured in several countries of Playboy as a Cyber Girl and Playboy Playmate. I’ve also been published internationally in MAXIM and FHM.

I have come to be blessed to work with top names in the modeling industry. To Reggie I will never forget your persistence and support, little did you know the flame you were about to light. 

Thanks for visiting, and stopping by!

xoxo, Ashley[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Roots…

Ashley was born in Aurora, IL and was raised in Illinois and Wisconsin. She grew up living in the windy city of Chicago’s north side attending Cubs games at a young age, and cheerleading at the local boys and girls club. In high school Ashley’s family moved to a country farm in Wisconsin and she spent most of her time enjoying the outdoors, raising and training Thoroughbred horses and participating in various school committees, clubs, organizations and interscholastic sports.

Finding the path…

Upon graduation from high school Ashley enlisted and served six honorable years in the United States Air Force. During her time in the military she earned two national Radiology Registries: Radiology Technologist and Mammography Technologist. SSgt Salazar performed over 800 military special ceremonies and funeral services while being a team member for Keesler AFB and a team flight leader for Scott AFB. In addition to all this Ashley served as a Security Forces Officer, Base CPR Instructor, coached Volleyball for the Scott AFB Medical Squadron, and was a goalie for the Kessler AFB base Soccer team.

In 2005, Ashley went through Hurricane Katrina and remained on duty at Kessler AFB, after losing her home she was relocated to Scott AFB and then was honorably discharged in 2008. Lastly during her service was recognized for many medals, awards, such as BTZ, Diagnostic Imaging Airman of the Year (AMC), Humanitarian medal, and Achievement Medal.

Pursuing the dream…

Since Ashley’s decision to separate from the military to pursue her education and artistic aspirations, she has been been featured in television and internet commercials, music video’s, print in multiple magazines, runway, on billboards, movies and promotional work.

Her features range from pictorials in magazines such as MAXIM South Africa, MAXIM Hometown Hotties, MAXIM En Espanol, Maxim Argentina, MAXIM SRB,  FHM Spain, FHM Philippines, Chulo Magazine, Bizsu Magazine, Playboy USA, Playboy South Africa, Playboy Mexico, Playboy Italy, Playboy Israel, Playboy Bulgaria, Playboy Venezuela, Playboy Miss Social June 2012, first ever Playboy Miss Social of the Year 2013.

Behind and in front of the lens…

Aside from modeling and acting, Ashley loves being Editor in Chief of her own magazine, building her professional photography business, mentoring talent, and is currently learning to play the Violin. 

Activism and Charitable contributions…

After attending her first protest in 2014 for the international movement taking place known as GMFER (Global March Elephants, Rhinos and Lions), Ashley has become significantly more concerned about the global state of wildlife. She has stepped up to lead the 2nd ever GMFER Saint Louis March to take place in solidarity with the global march on April 13th 2019. If you are a representative of the press and would like to cover this event please contact Ashley here.

An active animal rights advocate, and Philanthropist, Ashley is described as: “Divine, a Natural beauty, Down to earth, Inspiring, Charismatic and a Passionate individual” she continues planning on creating nothing but “Phenomenal” work.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]